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Orange, cinnamon and rice body peeling
In addition to removing dead cells, it stimulates microcirculation and thus reduces stretch marks and wrinkle formation, Orange, cinnamon and rice peeling deeply nourishes the skin specially because of the rich ingredients such as rice powder, palm oil and coconut oil, powder cinnamon and essential oils of cinnamon leaf and sweet fruit orange.
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Orange & cinnamon body lotion
Thanks to coconut butter, shea butter and argan oil, Orange & cinnamon body lotion is the very top of exclusive care because deeply nourishes the cells and provide nutrition for vitamins and minerals that make the skin look youthful, nurtured and elastic. With pleasant aromas of strong antioxidants, cinnamon essential oil and sweet orange fruit oil, this butter is a real Christmas rash on the skin as it nourishes the soul and body.
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Orange and Cinnamon Hand Cream
In addition to the pleasurable festive fragrances of essential oils of cinnamon and sweet orange , which also protect the skin from inflammation and irritation, Orange and Cinnamon Hand Cream, thanks to ingredients such as coconut and carite butter, urea and glycerin, deeply nourishes dry and cracked hands and protects them from adverse weather conditions. Use this cream once a day to feed your skin and strengthen its natural protective layer as it stimulates natural skin hydration, intensively nourishes and lasts long-lasting dry skin.
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Orange & Cinnamon Stardust Lip Balm
Stunning ingredients like olive oil, lanolin, beeswax, seabuckthorn oil, and essential oils of cinnamon leaves and sweet orange make Stardust lip balm orange & cinnamon a real little balm for nourishing and restoring the lips.
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Orange & cinnamon soap
Gentle orange-yellow colors and an interesting scent that delivers essential orange oil and cinnamon leaves, this Orange & Cinnamon Soap is refreshing, stimulating a good mood and complementing the holiday atmosphere in everyday care. Thanks to the high percentage of glycerin and palm oil and shea butter , no matter how much you use it, the soap will not dry out the skin. Essential orange oil will give freshness, and essential cinnamon oil, as a well-known aphrodisiac of an interesting scent, will first sensitize the senses, but also act antibacterial and antiviral, and can even produce a lightweight skin warming warmth in the winter.
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Orange & Cinnamon Home Scent
In addition to giving the space to a solemn note and inviting a holiday atmosphere, the Orange & Cinnamon Homke Scent will neutralize the odor of smoking or cooking and also relieve the familiar winter blues that we all sometimes feel in dull and cold days. Recomended for the office or flat the carpet, the curtain, the armchair or even the interior of the shoe and immediately changes the atmosphere.
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