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Hand cream Dubrovnik
Gentle essences of immortelle, orange, mandarin and ylang ylang and argana oil, shea butter and aloe vera gel makes this cream especially soft and nutritious for hands, providing adequate protection, but also a delicious Mediterranean smell, just like the creams we remember used by our grandmothers.
Orange and Cinnamon Hand Cream
In addition to the pleasurable festive fragrances of essential oils of cinnamon and sweet orange , which also protect the skin from inflammation and irritation, Orange and Cinnamon Hand Cream, thanks to ingredients such as coconut and carite butter, urea and glycerin, deeply nourishes dry and cracked hands and protects them from adverse weather conditions. Use this cream once a day to feed your skin and strengthen its natural protective layer as it stimulates natural skin hydration, intensively nourishes and lasts long-lasting dry skin.
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