Argan oil

This highly quality oil significantly reduces skin dryness and loss of elasticity, which means preventing wrinkles, making the skin softer and tighter.

Argan oil is known in anti-age cosmetics because of the high amount of vitamin E that protects cell membranes from lipid oxidation and slows down the aging process and also helps regenerate scar tissue to the damaged skin. It contains high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids that help restore the basic balance of water and lipids in the deep skin layer. This prevents skin drying and loss of elasticity, preventing occurrence of wrinkles and making the skin softer and tighter.

Argan oil does not clog pores and is absorbed very quickly. Also, it blends well with additional herbal oils and essential oils of a similar effect by which, by regular use, wrinkles and scars can be significantly reduced. If you use argan oil as a day care, it's best to hydrate your skin first with hydrolate or natural tonic, then apply your face with oil until the skin has completely dried. So, in fact, you actually apply one version of cream to your face, because the skin simultaneously gets an oily and aqueous phase (which are the basic ingredients of each creme).

Argan oil, other than the aforementioned anti-wrinkle and scarring action, can be used for skin irritation and inflammation, for sensitive skin, fatty skin because it regulates sebum secretion, stomach prevention during pregnancy, strengthening of nails, eczema and psoriasis, for hair because it gives glow and accelerates its growth and protects it from cracking dry peaks.


How to use argan oil?

According to the results of the research - the first effects of the use of argan oil have been visible already after 4 weeks; skin hydration increases considerably, deeper wrinkles become less pronounced, and considerably lessen mimics wrinkle, especially in the eye area.

How to achieve such a good results?

- Get a few drops in your palms or fingertips. Lightly with circular movements rub the oil on your face, neck, hair or where you want extra hydration.

- Use argan oil as a quick absorbing daily hydration or as a therapy  to treat wrinkled hair peels and to soften the skin around the nail

- Apply argan oil on the face and area under the eyes for intense moisture and reduce the appearance of the first wrinkles.

- Apply an argan oil to your face whenever you want to achieve a cool and shiny look.

- Rub the oil between the palms and push the palms through the hair to reduce the electricity in the hair and refresh the stained, dry hair.

- For quick recovery of tired hair, use aragon oil as a night mask and rinse hair in the shampoo in the morning. Hair will be shiny and fresh.

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