Anti wrinkle honey cream

Anti-ageing miracle cream will blow away wrinkles like a breeze

Anti-wrinkle honey cream prevents the formation of wrinkles; the skin returns the tonus and makes it softer that the face gives a youthful look. Appealing ingredients like argan oil and dog thistle directly affect collagen production and wrinkle reduction, and shea and coconut butter and vitamin E help to deepen the skin and become velvety and elastic while macerated calf, beeswax and honey prevent inflammation and further feed the skin necessary nutrients. Apply to the dry skin of your face, hands and body as needed and can serve as a daily and night cream. The anti-wrinkle cream also helps regenerate scars on damaged skin; it has a particularly beneficial effect on inflammatory skin diseases, especially atopic dermatitis and rosacea.

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2082 Anti wrinkle honey cream 50 g 9.29 EUR (70.00 kn)
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